Covid-19 Update
Update: 9th August 2021

I’ve been practicing the following adjusted treatments since July 27th 2020. Despite entering alert level 0 on 7th August 2021, and the dropping of most requirements in April 2022 I’m still implementing the following protective measures in my clinic:

  • All appointments are pre-screened by phone/ email for risk factors. Rather than an exhaustive questionnaire you will simply be asked not to attend if you have tested positive for Covid or have symptoms of Covid in absence of a negative test.
  • On arrival please ensure you are wearing a mask. If you aren’t then please take a free disposable mask from my waiting room. Please ensure the first thing you do on entry is sanitise your hands with alcohol gel in the waiting room.
  • Only one patient will be allowed into my treatment room at any one time, unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  • Patients will be expected to wear a face mask. If you don’t have a face mask I have disposable masks available at the clinic. To avoid risk of virus transmission I will also be wearing a face mask.
  • As before: The clinic is fully cleaned between patients.
  • The clinic is aired between patients. In addition I have a HEPA air filter on whilst treating patients. Please note: there is no conclusive evidence yet confirming HEPA air filters capture COVID virus.