Acupuncture Testimonials

Some kind words written by some of my patients:

I have been attending the Old Mill Cancer support Centre since 2004 when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Over the following years I received invaluable help and support from the Old Mill and benefitted from a number of alternative treatments including hypnotherapy and reflexology. Recently the Old Mill started providing acupuncture and I was asked if I would like try this form of therapy. Not having experienced this form of treatment before I readily took up the offer and this is when I met Tim Wright. We agreed that he would concentrate his treatment on the other main problem I have …. ie chronic pain in my feet which is thought to be caused by peripheral neuralgia (possibly as a result of the type 2 diabetes before this was brought completely under control). Tim has treated me over several months initially on a weekly basis and subsequently on a forthnightly or longer basis. I have found the treatment has significantly softened the level of pain I have felt in the past and this has considerably improved my overall quality of life. Tim approaches his work quietly, confidently, and with the utmost care and is very professional in everything he does. I always found him very approachable and a very good listener. In short I have had the good fortune to be treated by someone who is clearly not only a very skilled acupuncture practitioner but also someone who is a very caring.

– Peter

Tim at Gower Acupuncture has repeatedly helped me with sports injury rehab and therapy using massage and acupuncture.

– Matt Barker-Smith, UK SUP Champion

Tim has been instrumental in managing the peripheral neuropathy caused by chemotherapy, thus enabling me to regain pleasure from walking my dogs and increasing my independence. He has also helped to maintain my well being and other side effects caused by treatments.

– Eira

I’ve had many treatments with Tim over the last year and can thoroughly recommend him. Professional and courteous at all times