Covid-19 Update

Stage 5 Acupuncture Clinic Re-opening

Now Taking bookings from 13th July Onwards

Update: 23rd June 2020
I’m receiving constant guidance from the British Acupuncture Council on when I can return to work. I have a 5 step plan to return to work as before coronavirus. Currently I am in step 5 of 5.

I was looking all set to open 1st July. I’ve received all my Covid secure documentation from the British Acupuncture Council and am ready to start with new procedures in place…

Unfortunately I’ve still not been give the green light from Welsh Assembly Government so will probably not be open till 13th July at the earliest. Its frustrating as English and Scottish acupuncturists have been given the go ahead to start treating. The British Acupuncture Council is currently lobbying WAG to try to put us Welsh acupuncturists on an even footing so maybe I’ll be able to open sooner. As soon as I’m allowed to – I will be open.

I’ve had quite a few new and old patients contact me trying to book in. I’m now opening my online booking from 13th July onwards (moving a maximum of 3 weeks ahead so you’ll only be able to book in on 13th as of today – 23rd June, 14th tomorrow etc). Please be aware, depending on Welsh government guidelines I may have to cancel these appointments if I’m still on a red light.

Due to Corona virus I will be making the following changes to my practice:

  • I no longer offer free 15 minute face to face consultations. If you’d like to talk to me prior to committing to treatment you can call me or arrange a 15 minute Skype meeting.
  • All appointments will be pre-screened by phone/ Skype for risk factors.
  • Only one patient will be allowed into my treatment room at any one time, unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  • As treatment involves getting within 2 metres, patients will be expected to wear a face mask. If you don’t have a face mask I have disposable masks available at the clinic. To avoid risk of virus transmission I will also be wearing a face mask.
  • Patients will need to wash hands as soon as they enter the clinic and on leaving the clinic.
  • As before: The clinic is fully cleaned between patients, including all touch points – chairs, door handles, desk etc.
  • If you have a fever, new onset cough, have been near someone with suspected or confirmed covid-19 you must alert me by phone beforehand and follow appropriate isolation measures.