Acupuncture in Swansea For Pain Relief & Well-Being
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Acupuncture In Swansea With Tim Wright

Acupuncture In Swansea with Tim Wright

My name is Tim Wright and I practice acupuncture in Swansea. I also practice tui na massage.

One of acupunctures greatest strengths is its ability to improve patients sense of well-being. I see its main benefit of assisting the body’s own homeostatic response to return patients to a state of health, balance and well-being.

This means it can treat a wide range of conditions. In fact the World Health Organisation recognise it as effective for treating over 25 common conditions. NICE – the National Institute for Health & Care Excellence – recommend acupuncture for cost effective treatment of migraine & tension type headache. Who are NICE? They’re the body who recommend how the NHS should spend their money.

My Clinic Location

1 Uplands Terrace
West Glamorgan

More About Tim Wright

  • BSc Honours Degree In Acupuncture from University of Kingston
  • Licensed to practice acupuncture, LicAc
  • Full Member of British Acupuncture Council, MBAcC
  • Diploma Tui Na (Chinese Massage), DipTN
  • Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher, RYT
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Pain Relief

Desensitising the nervous system to pain.

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Anxiety, Stress & Depression

De-activating the fight or flight mechanism making you feel calmer and healthier.

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Back Pain Relief

Recommended as the safest, most effective alternative treatment for back pain relief by Arthritis Research.

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Good sleep is a fundamental cornerstone of good health. Learn why insomnia is bad for you and what you can do to sleep better.

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Migraines & Headache

Why acupuncture is great for headaches & how medication for headaches & nausea may be dangerous.

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Health & Longevity

Feel healthy and well again.

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Used for decades now for treating addictions, find out how it helps to break those deadly habits.



“Tim approaches his work quietly, confidently, and with the utmost care and is very professional in everything he does…” Read More >

More About My Styles

I use a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Distal Needling, Trigger Point Needling and Biomedical Acupuncture. I vary styles according to how patients present. Different styles have different strengths:

  • TCM tends to work well for internal issues & emotional problems.
  • Distal Needling involves inserting needles away from the problem area. It tends to work best for acute situations where the injury is recent and severe.
  • Trigger Point Needling works best for releasing tight muscles that can refer pain to distal sites in the body.
  • Biomedical Acupuncture is a more modern approach to acupuncture where the pathways of nerves and muscular structures and dysfunction are considered primary in the pathology of injury and disease.

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